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A Smile is The Prettiest Thing A Bride Can Wear

Smile, happy looks good on you! We are glad to present you the most gorgeous Bride’s smiles  in South Indian Wedding. Photo credit – Candid crush photography Photo – wfa Photo – The Cheesecake Project Photo – Harishankar Photography Photo – minchu studio Photo – Iswarya Photos Photo – Crackjack photography Photo – Giri Stills […]

Why Don’t You Go Eco Friendly with your Wedding Return Gifts

Why Don’t You Go Eco Friendly with your Wedding Return Gifts A Vinayagar idol, silver coins, Photo Frames, clothes, dry fruits, wholesale bags… If you thought I’m Writing about some random shopping trip, you’re mistaken.  We are shocked at the lack of novelty in ‘return-gift’ Ideas at Indian weddings today! Isn’t it time we spend some […]

Things that make every princess shed tears during “vidaai”

Why do girls have discrimination ?! Comparing to boys..!! Yes..!! Sometimes we consider ourselves as the luckiest creature..yet we don’t have blessing to stay with our Lovely Mom & Dad!!! #1) Unconditional love of our Superheroes- Dad.. The bestest soul in this universe.He protects us,supports us,guides us.The one man in […]

Grow with us..!!!! The First Ever Creative,Sustainable Wedding Invites.

Grow with us..!!!! Do this sounds bizarre?! Nope. ..Its one of the eco-friendly idea.If you’re planning to do something out of the box .Start reading this.This was originally implemented successfully. Everything comes out of dedication and passion.So, try something innovative and unique .Let people follow footprints. This article is  about sustainable […]

Let your hair do the talking!

Let your hair do the talking! One of the most important aspects of getting your dream bridal look is the hairstyle. You want to look fabulous in your pictures, because they will live on forever. A well thought out hairstyle should perfectly complement your facial structure, makeup and dress. Here […]

Chocolate Themed Wedding – For Chocoholics…!!!

Chocolate themed wedding – For chocoholics…!!! Aww… Yummy… Delicious… Mouth watering …Yes, yes, It’s chocolates!!! Brides, over to the moon hearing about chocos.If you go bananas for chocolates you’re spontaneously pinned as ‘Chocoholics’ .And you see the world filled with chocolates.Chocolates are definitely a good thing.And, most girls see chocolates […]

Mari Mari Marigold – Beautiful Decor Inspiration

We are glad to present the cool suggestions on how elaborately you could incorporate marigold in your wedding décor with your Bicycles,Auto rickshaws to show elegant. Did you know the Portuguese introduced marigold in India? Quite a revelation eh! Take a fun tour of the marigold flower decoration on your vehicle […]

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A super Cool Mehndi Pics of Radhika’s Daughter Rayane

A super Cool Mehndi & Nalungu Pics of Radhika’s Daughter Rayane & Mithun Indian Cinema’s extra-ordinary actress Radhika’s Daughter Rayane’s Mehndi & Nalungu held at Chennai.Here are some of the vibrant pics of Rayane & Mithun‘s mehndi & Nalungu Celebrations. The fantastic photography behind these snaps was done by Rakesh Prakash photography. […]

Chic Wedding Gown Inspirations

Check out these timeless gowns perfect for the traditional bride The key to finding a timeless wedding gown? Consider a universally flattering silhouette like A-line or fit-n-flare in a polished fabric like satin or taffeta. And, while it may be tempting to go all out with embellishments, some well-placed lace […]

Kanchipuram Silk Saree – A must at a South Indian Wedding

Kanchipuram Sari- A must at a South Indian wedding South Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride wearing a Kanchipuram silk. Borders of Temple, checks, stripes & floral designs are the attractive things in traditional Kanchipuram sarees. Here are a few latest Kanchipuram saree design that will make you to buy […]

Bridal Makeover Tips for Summer Brides – Video Demo given by Meenakshi Dutt

A bride’s makeover should be perfect. There isn’t a scope for mistakes. Meenakshi Dutt is amongst India’s top Bridal makeup artist. Her fingers have worked magic on Brides-To-Be for more than a decade. In this video Meenakshi Dutt shares bridal makeup Ideas to make your special day OSM. Some bridal makeup Ideas  in this […]

5 Weddings where Celebrity Sneha was Spotted

#CelebrityWeddingSpotting : 5 Weddings where celebrity Sneha was spotted When Actress Sneha attends a wedding , Facebook, Instagram feeds are absolute drool worthy- stuff what Bridal dream are made of !!   Abimanyu Mithun & Rayanne Radhikaa Sarathkumar’s Mehndi Event PC – Rakesh Prakash Photography Malavika & Arjun wedding @ Hyatt Regency,Chennai PC […]



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Adoring Bridal Blouse Designs of 2016- A Glimpse…!

It’s almost an year.Another good trip around the sun quickly coming to an end.We are privileged to showcase our adorable Blouse designs of this year. Here we go,   Photography – Anand Anandan Photography Photography – Shutter Memories Photo credit – Ashwin th Clicker Photo credit – Akils Photography Photo credit – Harishankar […]

5 South Indian Wedding Moments That Doesn’t Miss the Photographer’s Lens

Marriage symbolises not just the sacred union of two individuals, but of the coming together of two families and extended families as well. Here are some memorable moment that only we can capture @ south Indian wedding. Pic Credit – Ashok Arsh Pic Credit – Mystic Studios The Hindu wedding […]

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