10 Easy ways To get Longer & Healthier Hair


10 Easy ways To get Longer & Healthier Hair

Hair is important for majority of girls. It’s about less or more hair, depending on which parts of the body it is in, it’s a problem or a reason to be happy. This article is for girls who desire long hair. You can see a lot of articles online mentioning different ways to get longer hair, but you know that all don’t work. So girls, keep reading to know how get long & healthy hair?

Avoid Silicone based Shampoos


Get rid of split ends


Apply Oil (coconut, rosemary, fly & castor oils) before you go to sleep


Have Braids for a longer period


Regularly massage your scalp with your fingers


Try mixture of olive oil with Cinnamon powder


Use both in form of pills and shampoos to look healthier and more voluminous.

Hair Loss. Medical Concept.

Use the multi-purpose Aloe Vera. Reduce the heat styling


Hanging your body upside down 4 times a day will give excellent results i.e try Inversion Method


Try Onion Shampoo mixed with coconut oil



*Don’t forget to do an allergic test, if you have never tried some of these alternatives. Please take this precaution for long & healthy hair.

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