10 Funny Characters Found in Every South Indian wedding…!

10 Funny characters found in every wedding…!

Guests in a wedding can be Good, bad & entertaining. A lot of times, weddings are more interesting with some guests than the actual bride and groom. We basically have to sit back and enjoy, while they try to run things. If you’re planning on throwing a wedding anytime soon, here are a few type of guests to expect at your event to make it unforgettable one.

1.The matchmaker

You can always find an elderly in every wedding who will be out there analyzing the crowd for prospective bride and grooms.


2.The wedding crashers

Free food and drinks can motivate any person to attend a wedding, also those who are not on the invite.


3.The alcohol loaders

They have come from far of lands not because their best friend has invited but for free alcohol.


4.Food comes first and everything comes next

These people directly go to the food court before meeting the couples.


 5.The drama queens

‘’The cold drink is a little too warm, the soup is cold, the food is very oily.’’

They are unsatisfied with everything every time.



6.The selfie takers

Loaded with their iphones and selfie-sticks they will be in their own world.


 7.The Player

Girls beware!!


8.The prabhu devas

With their coolest moves they move the masses


9.The swagger

Showing off their iphones and designers dress, the only thing they do is try to become the center of attraction


 10.The encyclopedia

From honeymoon to marriage tips, they know everything about a successful marriage… You will get an answer to your every question and its free!!!


Imagine when you see them at your wedding.

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