10 last minute wedding gift options


10 last minute wedding gifts options. Forgot to buy gift for your best friend’s wedding, don’t worry. Here are few gifts that will make the couples think that like you put some thought into buying them.

1. Cooking glasses– This is one thing they would have thought of buying later

cook glass

2. Hotel gift voucher– They would have planned their honeymoon, but why not give them an opportunity for a second one by gifting them a one night stay at an luxury hotel.


3. Things Monogrammed– Assist them to show off their family status in style with an item that gives their initials.

4. Travel bags– you can treat them with a nice travel bag

travel bag

5. Swanky restaurant gift card– Tell them their first dine out is on you.


6. Coffee Mugs– Make it special with their wedding date on it.


7. Flower vase– They need something to decorate their living hall right apart from wall clock


8. Gift vouchers– Wedding gift of Flipkart or Snapdeal gift vouchers give them a choice to buy what they didn’t get already.


9. Something in gold– This will make anyone happy


10. Money– Even if you don’t have time for any of the above, cash is always an option but at least ensure to make the wrapping special.


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