10 things to bear in mind for a flawless road trip this summer


10 things to bear in mind for a flawless road trip this summer

If you are a kind of a person who likes adventure, then a road trip is just the right thing for you this summer. As a newly married couple you need to make this special. But juz to be a little cautious by not allowing any stumble block to your fun. Kindly keep in mind these few things in your check list for a perfect summer road trip.

1660634_1036517533077478_3682970085848201697_n 1. Ensure your car goes through a regular service before you start your Road trip. If you are renting a car double check on the dents & scratches the vehicle has to avoid any future dent in your pocket.

2. Most importantly keep all the papers at hand

3. Keep adequate stock of water with you. You don’t know whether you will get purified water on the way

4. Try to keep your car cool by parking in shady areas wherever possible


5. Have a paper Map at hand just in case your GPS devices runs out of charge

6. Ensure to carry a car charger

7. Don’t drink too much aerated drinks as they dehydrate your body

8. Keep a towel at hand

9. Always keep a phone with you in case you are moving too far from your drive

10. Don’t wander off far away from your car, especially when at a secluded spot.


Keep sipping on a drink with your love with the sunscreen on & enjoy your road trip with hundreds of photos for your Instagram account.

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