3 ways to do your Eyeliner

3 ways to do your Eyeliner

Daily Look Eyeliner for a normal look

Materials: Gel Eyeliner

To do: Just dip the tip of the Fine Eyeliner Brush into any Gel Eyeliner & apply the liner in short and even strokes near to the lash line.



 Dual Lining Eyeliner

Raw Materials: Gel Eyeliner plus Eye Shadow

To do: First start lining the top lash with Gel Eyeliner & before it gets dry, apply shade of powder shadow. Ensure that the gel liner is a little wet so that it mixes with shadow.


The Vivid Winged Eyeliner

Raw Materials: Gel Eyeliner


To do: Use an ultra-thin eyeliner brush to apply black gel liner for the most defined line across the top & bottom lash lines. To craft the wing, just carry on with the line on the upper lid so that it goes up and past the outer corner of the eye.

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