Finally at the end of one big day,it happened because of our good look certainly.


Who doesn’t wants to look good?? Indeed,no one will raise their hands.Every single woman always bear in mind that she has to look pretty today.Thats the universal truth.

So,here there are a few makeup tips especially to those girls who worry a lot for not having a chubby cheeks.The best solution is “3D MAKEUP”.


   Sounds new right.YES..!!!Its quite interesting too.If you dont have a plumpy face , this makeup can make you plumpy.

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1) Choose the right type of foundation that suits your skin.

2) Choose the dark shade of the colour and light shade of the colour according to your skin type.

3) Now, take light shade foundation-apply this on your forehead,midpart of your nose,around your chin and cheeks.

4) Take your dark shade foundation-to show your pointed nose sharply,apply this on your nose sides,above your cheeky bones and uplifted portion of your chin gently.


[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Happy..? couz, yur good looking now..!!![/pullquote]

Image source – Bridal Noor Studio

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