5 Critical Points to consider Before you hire your Wedding Makeup Artist

5 Critical Points to consider Before you hire your Wedding Makeup Artist

You must be donning make up regularly to look your best. But your wedding day is not juz any regular day, you must look your absolute best on your big day. And just any makeup artist cannot help you on your special day. First and foremost, you need a professional with years of experience in the wedding industry to make you look like a goddess. If, you are still not convinced, here are few important points as to why not to choose juz any make makeup artist for your special day.


1.Colours are not that ezee to choose

The Makeup artist must be competent enough to match the shade of your bridal outfit. Mostly they give suggestion to even purchase bridal outfit based on your skin tone & also the colours used for decoration.


2.Boost your facial appearance

Only a good makeup artist will know how to make your face look flawless. Not everyone is good at contouring. Many will apply makeup till it’s too cakey.


3.    Quality of products

Though many will claim to use MAC products in their highest rated bridal makeup package, many use a mix of MAC & Revlon. Please don’t take any risks and go for a trial makeup before you zero in on someone.


4.    Makeup Application Skill:

Makeup is an art and not everyone can master it. Two same artist wielding the same brush and colours will give you different results. A touch to make you look like a diva is what you need.


5.    You need to relax on your wedding day:

As a bride you’ll have a lot of things going on your mind inadvertently increasing the stress. And you don’t want the stress to reflect on your face. An experienced makeup artist will take a lot of care in each stroke he applies, giving you a stress free look.

Hope you make a better decision with these suggestions and do a thorough research before blindly finalizing your neighbourhood make artist.


Happy Makeup brides!

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