5 Perks Of 2 States Marriage That You Never Thought!

As the oldest saying in the book, ‘Marriages are made in heaven’. So if you are meant to be together, no matter how its hard it looks like and is; you will end up in each others arms with or against the world.That’s the funniest thing about love, it gives you the kind of strength you never knew you had. Many times, love marriages are 2 States and even though some sections of society disagree with such unions.

Statistically, only 8% of Indian population opts for 2 states marriages. Whether it is parental pressure or mutual disagreements it is surely a very low number for a country that takes great pride in love stories & romantic movies splashed across cities. So what goes behind 2 States marriages? Is it a bad idea? Is it a good idea? Read on to find out!


Marriages are not just btwn two people, but a culmination of entire families. 2 states marriages are the promise of a food fest for your  life. You will be surprised at the sheer variety of delicacies peculiar to various cultural backgrounds. It is an exposure to a different, yet equally wonderful cuisine everyday, till death do us part!

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Double Celebrations


Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding day. Most of us have already picked out the exact colour and cut of our wedding trousseaus too. 2 States marriages are the chance for not just the  one, but two weddings (with the same person, of course!!!). Many couples opt for a simple morning wedding, and then go on to take their pheras in the evening, complete with the Baraat and mad dancing. Not to mention the pre-wedding rituals like the Mehendi, Sangeet & Haldi, you are bound to have the greatest time being the bride who listened to her heart! Needless to say, double celebrations call for double happiness.


Language Wars

You are both going to have an advantage over each other when it comes to word wars and have some fun while at it. Didn’t like something she did, but don’t want to get mad at her? Say it without her having to understand. Something like taking too long to get ready or his constant, incessant habit of leaving wet clothes on the bed can be sounded off without starting a fight. However, keep communication concerning big things, clear and in the same language!


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Window to Another Culture

2 States marriage opens a window to another culture. In our lives, we may have had a brush with several different cultures, but none of those may have had the kind of impact that can be compared to a marriage. We come to realize not only the difference, but also the similarities between our cultures and beliefs. It is a clear understanding of two cultures without having to get out of your house. Great food for thought, it is an amazing albeit tiny window to a whole new dimension of life.


What’s more, you get the best of both worlds, too!

Getting the World Closer

Whether you realise it or not 2 States marriages are bringing the world closer. This great mish-mash of cultures, traditions, values, and rituals is creating a more liberal and freedom-loving generation. After all, children are the future of the world and ensuring that their little hearts turn out to be accepting, gracious, and honest is the biggest perk of the marriage of two cultures. And what is love, if not the overpowering desire to keep the ones we love happy and content?


There you go, five perks of 2 states marriages that promise eternal happiness. Got anything to share? Type it out in the comments below!

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