5 “Semma” Foods for a Perfect Wedding Diet


5 “Semma” Foods for a Perfect Wedding Diet

As you revamp your diet and exercise regimen to fit into that wedding saree, try incorporating some of these foods for the extra touch. Here are a few healthy foods that not only help you with your hair & skin but also to stay fit and be ready for the big day.

Spinach is rich in antioxidants like Lutein, Vitamins K & C and fibre. Lutein is not only great for your eye but also good for you skins moisture & elasticity. Vitamins K & C help reduce dark circles in your eye.


Potassium rich bananas help fight bloating caused by high salt intake. Bloating happens if either there is too little potassium in your body or too much salt. To counter the salt eat more bananas or have potassium rich foods like melons & papayas.


Butter fruit is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids & Vitamin B, which increase the suppleness & elasticity of skin. You can even mash it up and use it as a conditioning mask.


Grean Tea is rich of antioxidants that improve your skin & hair. It can also be used directly on your hair & scalp to help combat dandruff and add shine.


Eggs & Yoghurt contain biotin which is responsible for lustrous hair & skin. The main thing you are going for is biotin. In fact most shampoos and conditioners contain this ingredient.



These foods are not just for brides to be but for anyone who is looking for great skin & hair.


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