5 steps approach to Make Your Lipstick Last long


Girls completely love wearing a show-stopping Lipstick but hate the fact that it always gets over quickly. Since Valentines day is round the corner, we decided to solve this problem with a solution to make your lipstick last long.

We took the challenge and created these tips with can be done all by yourself by using jus these 3 products: Lip liner, Powder & most importantly Lipstick

Here is the lipstick hack for your long lasting & smudge-proof mouth make-up


Step 1: Use a liner with the same color as your lipstick & Line Your Lips


Step 2: Apply Powder over Your Lips


Step 3: Go for a layer of Lipstick



Step 4: Powder your lips once again



Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4

To give you a feel of some elegant Lipstick makeover we bring you some celebrities who adorned themselves with Lipstick last long for their special event.ezwed_blog_lipstick_4ezwed_blog_lipstick_1ezwed_blog_lipstick_6ezwed_blog_lipstick_7ezwed_blog_lipstick_3ezwed_blog_lipstick_2


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Image source : Magee,Stylecraze,Pinterest,youqueen


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