The summer showers: 5 way to Make Sure Your Rainy Wedding Day is Absolutely Amazing

The summer showers: 5 way to Make Sure Your Rainy Wedding Day is Absolutely Amazing

It’s just a week before your wedding and ‘Rain man’ Ramanan suddenly announces the imminent.

Be ready slanted raindrops It’s actually kind of wedding crasher, but one you cannot do anything about if you’re not prepared. Here are 5 useful ways to plan ahead of rains on your wedding day.


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1.When you choose a venue and desire to have some elements of your wedding out in the open, ensure that you see and like your backup space just in case.

2.If you’re planning on taking pictures out in the open,plan out where to take photos in case it rains. “You can also want to enquire with your wedding venue to ensure there is enough space for you to do portraits indoors.

3.If it rains, Look for areas with beautiful floor to ceiling windows that would make for nice photos with the rain in the background.

4.Have a few umbrellas at hand and shoes you don’t mind getting wet.

5.If your hair frizzes easily then go for pretty up-do

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Finally, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. “If after the ceremony or later on in the night you dare to get a little wet, some photos in the rain could be very romantic!” Lowenthal adds. At the end of the day, you’ll be a Mrs. rain or shine, so remember to enjoy it.

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