6 Simple Cures For Under Eye Dark Circles


6 Simple Cures For Under Eye Dark Circles

Many people are worried about the Under Eye Dark Circles. There can be many reasons for dark circles, like lack of sleep, excess sleep  , eating the wrong foods, prolonged use of computers, heredity and the list goes on & on. You must understand that a good nights sleep is just the start to a darkle circle free Under eye. Here are few tips to solve the issue.


1.Use an extra pillow while sleeping. This will help you to keep your head high while sleeping


2.Avoid excess sunlight. Use sunscreen lotion if needed


3.Try Cold Compression Therapy for your eyes


4.Use fortifying eye product at Night


5.Take care of your delicate eye tissue. The application of any kind of eye product must be mild

ezwed_blog_delicate eye tissue

6.Do eye yoga

ezwed_blog_eye yoga


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