6 Healthy tips for Bride-To-Be to get a Glowing skin

6 Healthy tips for Bride-To-Be to get a Glowing skin

All the brides want to have the perfect glowing skin for your wedding. Soon after the wedding you are visiting people, you’re seeing places, you’re going for your honeymoon. You’re not gonna always be slapping on makeup right. But, you want your skin to look perfect. We suggest you start prepping your skin six months or even 1 year before your wedding day. Follow these steps to get the perfect skin.

Exercise regularly– It will get your body into shape as well and also gonna make your skin glow


Multi Vitamins + Cod liver Oil– Before start taking it, we suggest you consult your doctor just to make sure you don’t have any allergies. You’re whole body is gonna thank you for this.


Start Eat healthy– Break your daily meals into 5 smaller meals and that does not mean one slice of pizza every two hours. It means a handful of nuts, a little bit of yogurt, some salad.


Drink water– Keep a bottle of water with you and drink all the time. Because you need to hydrate your body from within. Drinking lot of water will flush out all the toxins from your body and help you with acne, lose weight, good hair and more.


Cleanse skin thoroughly– You have to be strict about cleansing you face at-least twice a day. In the morning you can use a mild cleanser and a strong cleanser in the evening to make sure that you remove all the pollution, oil and makeup so the your skin can breathe


Exfoliate – Make sure to exfoliate your skin at-least twice a week, so that all the dead skin from you face is removed. It’s not recommended to exfoliate you skin everyday


These are the tiny bit of changes in our lifestyle that gonna make a huge difference in our skin. Trust us, after few days of following these tips people will start asking you, “What have done to your skin?”

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