6 Things you’ll Get if you’re a girl in love with someone..


1) When you’re in a relationship, you get envious very easily..

You will get jealous when your boyfrnd spends too much of time with his frnds who are girls..


2) You can’t do anything without considering the other person..

When you invite your Friend to hang out, you can’t commit until you know your boyfriend wants to come too..


3) You mull something over and over..


4) You smile strangely when talking about each other..

Wen talking about partner a weird distracted look comes on face in fact a kind of smile like crazy ..


5)You can find a change in your lifestyle..

However your behaviour may be.. He takes juz a minute to change that..


6)Source of joy

Youre on top of the world, Wen yu r wit him. yu feel the whole world supports you..


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