6 Ways to CAPTURE Your Bachelorette Party moments

6 Ways to CAPTURE Your Bachelorette Party moments

Hard to avoid temptation to document the best moments of your Bachelorette Party. Give yourself a treat! By putting any of these suggestions into action at your pre-wedding party

Create a Whatsapp group & add all the photographs of the Evening immediately in the group


Enlist your friend or Hire your wedding photographer for a Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot


Have a theme and persuade your ladies to dress the part- like 1980’s bollywood or a village theme


Get specially designed Bachelorette Party T-Shirts, temporary tattoos, mehandi made for everyone


Create a Party Playlist with high beats. Go for a chull!


Spice up the party with props


Don’t forget the group photo!


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Picture Source – Siddharth Sharma Photography



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