7 Ezee & Natural Cures For Dark Underarms


7 Ezee & Natural Cures For Dark Underarms

Every girl likes flaunt in sleeveless floor-length gowns like celebrities. But, the only reason that stops them from going sleeveless is dark armpits. Fret not, we have these very simple for the most common problem among girls.

Use Baking Soda for exfoliation of dead cells. Apply the baking soda as a paste in the underarms regularly 2-3 times week and scrub the dead skins and thereby whitening your underarms


Milk with some saffron when applied to the armpits and subsequent rinsing will not only whiten the underarms but also kell the germs & bacteria that causes body odour


Applying a mixture of Lemon & cucumber juice with a little bit of turmeric powder for good armpits


Potato with natural bleaching properties when rubbed on your underarms for 2-3 minutes will give you the desired whitened skin in juz few weeks


The mixture of sandalwood powder & milk will do wonders


Scrub your underarms with Orange peel powder paste ( Dry the orange peel in sun & make powder out of it) for about 5-6 minutes for good results


The Vitamin E in Coconut oil will lighten the underarms


Skip shaving & go for waxing of underarms



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