7 healthy Ways to Lose Belly Fat in few days


Here are few tips to reduce that excess waistline with just few days left for your big day

Drink Lemon water first thing in the morning


For instant results have a Low-carb diet. Limit intake of legumes, sweets, pastas and starchy vegetables


For a long term solution have more proteins like meat,fish, cheese, tofu, beans, lentils, yogurt, eggs and if you are a vegetarian try cashew nuts, Flax seeds, Dried Apricot & Peaches for quick results


There no gain without pain. A 20 minute run or a 45 minute walk or 10 minute swim everyday can do wonders


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Eat foods rich in fiber like Wheat,corn, and rice bran to help with weight loss


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Forget about sugar for a few days. Completely avoid sugary drinks


The last but not the least know how much you are eating. Keep a track on it and eventually you’ll see the results


So what are you waiting for transform yourself for the better in a little time as possible

Happy weight loss brides!!!

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