7 things that every bride-to-be expects from her Groom-to-be to say

Wedding is the ultimate dream for any girl and wedding planning is the worst nightmare. While people often consider wedding planning women’s task, it is every to-be-brides expectation to plan it together with the grooms. So, what are the things that a bride wishes her groom would say to her during their wedding planning?

1.I will bear the entire cost of the wedding

groom_payimage source : colourbox.com

2.I will accompany you for wedding card selection.

grrom_inviteImage source :www.dhresource.com

3.Let’s have a simple wedding.

simple_wedding_1Image source : weddingsitaly.com

4.Let me pay your make-up bills.

bridal_makeoverImage source : catherineflemingmakeup.co.uk

5.I will help you in selecting the wedding dress.

bridal_dressImage source : upload2.weddbook.com

6.Darling, you look more beautiful with less jewellery


7.One call, I’ll be in front of you.

bride_callingImage source : cache3.asset-cache.net

So, girls, if your groom says even few of the above things, marry him right away.

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