7 tips to make wedding planning ez

Wedding planning means throwing a grand party for more than 500 people, selecting a dress, Choosing & finalizing deals with your vendors, and most important of them all planning a Honeymoon- all at the same moment. It’s almost impossible to have a wedding without any surprises, but your wedding planning must ensure that it is a good surprise. Here we share few tips that will help you make your wedding planning ez.

Most Often, the bride’s or groom’s family pay of the wedding in parts. In such case, you must sit down with your parents and have a detailed talk about the wedding budget.


 There are numerous ways to showcase your style other than just attire & Makeup


 Go for a themed wedding & be creative


Guests always remember the food! Don’t just skim through the menu but look into the items that will be served


Paying the vendors advance will help you get good service, but tipping their workers will get you excellent service.


 Use flowers you love to add the element of beauty.

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Selecting your venue first, will help you to narrow down many of your decisions, from decoration to dress.


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