8 adorable, cute & crazy candid moments in a Malayali wedding


8 adorable, cute & crazy candid moments in a Malayali wedding

When it comes to wedding Kearlites are really serious. They are well- known for the amount of gold that their brides wear on their wedding day. But, they have a fun side which, few photographers have brought out for us to see. Their insanely whacky candid photos will make you want for more. Here are some crazy & fun moments in a Malyalee wedding and the brides here are wearing very less GOLD! 

Don’t Angry Me Bride!!


Yoyour friends are always the first to get you in trouble


She was just studying her bright toenails and he slipped.


A kiss when friends Ilesah


A county side Honeymoon Shopping


After marriage even a elephant calms down


Bridesmaid’s Pouting selfie time

11080348_954938031191662_5882657451793558650_oWhen your friends juz keep thinking and you make your move.



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