8 Fights most of the Couples have during their Wedding Planning Process…!

Wedding is supposed to union of two souls. But unfortunately, there will be some inevitable disagreements, differences between you and you’re husband-to-be before the knot is tied. We have juz listed few fights that unavoidably happen during the wedding planning process!



1.Whom should we invite to our wedding?

      Not your ex for sure

2.Do we need to have sangeet & Mehndi function?

3.Just pick any colour dress for the wedding day; how does it matter?

4.I’ll need to go shopping now

      Tomorrow is our wedding


5.Why are you getting so hyper? There’s so much time left!

       Do you have any clue how many things there are to do?

6. Why should we look around 10 shops before picking a handkerchief?!

7.I am always right cause I am the Bride!!

8.Shall we go less religious & more fun at our wedding?


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