8 Things Every Girl Goes Through At Her Bestie’s Wedding

You’ll have a lot of mixed emotions when your Bestie is getting married. But Remember, you can’t be something to everybody but you have to do everything to somebody.

Here are few things that you.

1. Thinking that the whole wedding planning is in your hands, You’ll start freaking out!

2.  sad you maybe, you will try to smile at her.

3. You look at her and wonder If you’ll be as calm as her during your wedding

15578224_1189309421154744_5708127044118633975_oPhoto credit – Chennai Wedding Photography

4. Planning the best bachelorette anyone has ever seen!

5. You get senti, when you think of the times after marriage you’ll be spending without her

6. You think of crash diet plan to shed some extra kilos

16107382_1542437175769711_3388239022701992459_oShot by ifotos photography
15068278_909609569140941_3534116077163888626_oPhoto credit – Suhas Photography
14068570_10154443285437766_4770424011664464573_oPic Credit – Dhiwager Radhakrishnan Photography

7. What songs to dance for on her sangeet? London thumukda is sure on the playlist.

8. Finding reasons for a long leave from office for your besties big event

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