Now #Trending – Add some colours to your Poojadai…!


Poojadai has a very special place in every South Indian bride’s trousseau. They’re feminine and beautiful. They’re worn only on special occasions and many have fond memories tied to it. With growing fashion and heart to experiment, brides have something new for every season.

This Wedding Season is all about color. Brides have started to experiment with not only their clothing, but also these pretty little details. The newest trend is a dash of color to the otherwise simple veni. The Veni is the semi-circular top portion of the poojadai that’s tied to the hair extensions.




Poojadai with a simple veni with red and white combination has now become a thing of the past. Brides these days dare to experiment with the colors. We can see veni’s that complement the bridal sari and the ones that stand-out because of the contrast. Either way it’s a hit.




The veni that used all the happy colors this Wedding season is the jada worn by bride Shradha. Their wedding was nothing less than a fairytale and gave us some major bridal goals. She has used five colors in the Veni which are all in contrast to the sari. The whole look feels complete and we hope brides are making note because this look is here to stay!



2018 is going to be all about experimenting and starting by adding some colors to your big day sounds like a perfect way to start the New Year.

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