Elegant Wedding of Sherine & Rahul @Puducherry with a music festival vibe!!!

Elegant Wedding of Sherine & Rahul with a music festival vibe!!!

Another Beautiful Wedding Story Narrated By The Gorgeous Bride herself…!!!

Puducherry, dearly called Pondy a union territory, the nest of multi culture and tradition with a blend of french and tamil heritage, was the wedding theme for Sherine Linda Rheeman, Assistant Manager at GRT Hotels & Resorts and Rahul Jacob Mathew, a Branding Consultant, that took place in the heart of this dream city.


A french National of Indian origin , Sherine returned from Paris where she did her Luxury Brand Management, to meet Rahul ,who studied the same in UK.  Introduced byShaddi.com , Sherine met Rahul at Starbucks , after her Zumba classes. Their first smile dragged them to laughter, music and dance at Zaras and Blend ,where they fell in Love :« Love at First Smile »…

Rahul Jacob Mathew, a Malayalee , settled in Chennai , is a Jacobite and Sherine Linda Rheeman,  a Tamil, is a Roman Catholic, born and brought up in Pondicherry. Since it was an arranged marriage , Rahul  came  with his family to Pondy to ask Sherine’s hand as our tradition asks so. To everyone’s surprise Rahul proposed to Sherine, kneeling down, with a bouquet and a ring, a beautiful proposal bringing the old times to the modern world.


The Engagement date (30th May 2015) and the approximate Wedding date was fixed according to everybody’s availability and comfort, with the consent of each and every member of the immediate family.

The Wedding Planning starts here :

The main issues were the documents and papers that the French Consulate required and the approval of both the Churches, though basically it was a Christian wedding. Otherwise both the families agreed to have « Pondicherry » as the destination and theme for « The Big Fat Wedding ».





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28-12-2015 : The celebrations started with «  Le Mariage Civil », compulsary for the French Nationals. Sherine was in a traditional Tamil Kanjeevaram  Red Pattu Saree adorned with the Temple Jewellery of Tamil Nadu . They exchanged the guarlangs  and signed the papers in front of the Commissioner : They are « Married Officially ».








28-12-2015 : This needs Celebrations, A COCKTAIL PARTY at the Ananda Inn Ballroom Versailles Hall. Sherine entered in her Modern Ball Gown and Rahul in his Jet Black Suit, welcomed by Professional dancers who had prepared a few Dances along with close friends. There were surprise items showcased on stage and a few on the spot too… Funfilled and romantic evening for the Love Birds…






29-12-2015 : The next day evening reception was totally for the Pondy Crowd, mainly for the families who were close to the bride’s side. The reception was held at Seaguls, a property by the beach, which had a huge lawn that was transformed into a Magical Dream,Land with the « Touch of Love from Mr Amit Gudkutia », a Chennai based famous decoraters, Floral Huts.The couple were dressed in a modern North Indian outfit, Sherine in her Golden Ghagra Choli , designed by her mother with kundan jewellery, and Rahul wore his Grey Kachin’s suit. Each and everyone from the immediate family were in the same attire to suite the theme. The caterer ,Aditi Hotel Pondicherry, served an ellaborate variety of Cuisines to render the Pondy theme.



30 th Morning was the Big Day. Rahul , in his Black Tux, was waiting for Sherine,  inside the french church « Notre Dames des Angels « situated by the beach. Sherine got down from her beamer, wearing her Vera Wang peach color wedding gown that she picked up from the US and Jimmy Choo shoes. She walked inside the Church to the bridal march music  played by the live choir, accompanied by her father and family. The marriage took place in both Tamil and Malayalam traditions, with the roman catholic rites. Rahul tied the Thaali around Sherine’s neck to the Mangalyam Thanthunaa beat, they exchanged their wedding rings and wore the Manthirakodi on her head. The Choir sang French, Tamil, Malayalam and English songs….A COMPLETE SANGAMAM OF TRADITIONS, CULTURE AND RELIGIONS …




After getting the blessings from the Bishop, priests, nuns and elders, the newly wedded couple headed towards the same venue, the Seaguls for their beach wedding reception…The water was glittering with the sunshine…Sherine wore her Pink and Gold Banares saree with her Diamond earcuffs and necklace. Today was a Retro theme . Her hairstyle was done in the 1960 style with a backhome and haïr letloose oneside, thanks to Dolma «The Celebrity Hairdresser who owns G bob Salon« . The Chief Minister of Pondicherry, the tourism minister and eminent personalities attended the event. The live band too played retro music, hindi and tamil songs…. Whole wedding felt complete ….From the invitation cards to the give away gifts….all that you need is Time, Patience and Love for Perfection…




I was extremely pleased with the how all my wedding attires turned out. Excactly how I envisioned them to be. It was a well planned wedding and I owe this to my family who helped me in all my endeavours… from my sister who trained me to choose the right brand  and do the right Make Up….To my father who changed a simple lawn into a Fairy tale world with his Architectural skills…To my Mother who coordinated with the designers, taylors, jewellers, hairdressers, photographers… And of course to my better half , the Love of my Life, Rahul Jacob, along with his family,who cooperated in each and every wish of mine, with a sweet smile , to walk into this new world of Togetherness.


Pondicherry people called this wedding «  the Royal Wedding of Pondicherry » or the « Fairy tale wedding » or « My big Fat wedding » But according to Rahul and Sherine : the most important fact to start your Married life is Respect for Each other. They said : « WEDDING VOWS » are two words binding two hearts, two families, two traditions , two cultures to live happily ever after…

We had decided to have short honeymoons here and there – JW marriot at Bangalore, next to the UB city, The Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay, Mahabs and La Villa, Pondicherry were a few…


We will be heading to Nouméa or New Caledonia for our longer honeymoon.

Special Thanks to TheBSPMedia for the beautiful drone videos that were shot and the lovely photos

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