Blouses that made an artistic cut…!

Party Blouses… Wedding Blouses… Bridal Blouses… We ladies cannot get enough of pretty blouses. And to satisfy your quench for blouses here’s our newest blog about the latest trending blouse design. Be it your wedding or your loved ones, we always want our blouses to be on point. It should be a little extra and definitely a little different from everyone else’s blouse. Because who doesn’t love a compliment?


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With ever changing blouse trends, it can be difficult to keep up! But don’t you worry, Ezwed to the rescue. The latest design that’s creating a buzz in the blouse nation is the fancy artistic sleeve blouses. These blouses have finally made the cut!



Photo :Eden Studios Jebin-Dravyam Photography

Life’s a circle and so if fashion. So, if you’ve got any pretty artistic sleeve blouse lying in your wardrobe then there cannot be a more perfect time to get them out and flaunting.  The best part about the sleeve is the intricate tailoring that totally stands out. So ladies, if you’re giving a blouse for stitching make sure it isn’t the boring circle sleeve. Put your imagination and designers to work with these interesting sleeves.


Photo : That Moment Photography


Photo : PixPre Studios By Photriya

Keep scrolling to see real brides flaunt blouses with an artistic sleeve on their big day!






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Photo : Eden studios By Jebin-Dravyam Photography


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