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A bright eyed and a bushy tailed man with his Princess : Neil Nitin Mukesh Wedding

A bright eyed and a bushy tailed man with his Princess. Look at the KATHI FAME VILLIAN’S wedding decor that is just gleaming and flabbergasting .Get inspired by that marsh marigold and radiant decors. Beautiful clicks by The Wedding Story Films and planned by Event Entourage Udaipur. Please visit our website www.ezwed.in to […]

A Smile is The Prettiest Thing A Bride Can Wear – 2

Smile, happy looks good on you! We are glad to present you the most gorgeous Bride’s smiles  in South Indian Wedding. Photo credit – Candid crush photography Photo – wfa Photo – The Cheesecake Project Photo – Harishankar Photography Photo – minchu studio Photo – Iswarya Photos Photo – Crackjack photography Photo – Giri Stills […]

How a simple Nethichutti can instantly add so much Glam to any Bridal Makeup

We love how a Nethichutti can instantly add a fantastic glam to any bridal outfit. These are some of the most stunning models we came across! Which one do you like the most? Comment below!!       Please visit our website www.ezwed.in to get more Wedding Ideas or Send your queries via mail to support@ezwed.in. […]

Earthy, Dramatic and Dreamy Wedding of Gowtham & Sarika

Hi everyone!! I’m Sarika…. GOWTHAM!! He is the person without whom i can’t imagine my life. I was so excited to get married to him. Gowtham & i had a traditional kongu wedding.Our wedding took place in Atlas Kalaiyarangam, Karur on 27th of August. As always my wedding shopping never ended till the last date.. I […]

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A 55 Crore Elegant Bahubali Themed Wedding Highlights

NRI Business Industrialist Ravi Pillai spent Rs 55 crores for his daughter’s wedding, which held @ Kerala. In an extravagant display of wealth, Mr.Pillai married his daughter, Dr.Arathy to Dr.Adithya Vishnu of Kochi, at the famous Asram ground in Kollam. The wedding was Panned by none other than the production […]

Father’s Love Towards Brides…!

Girls and fathers always share an unconditional love and support for each other.Opposite poles always attract each other.This kind of attraction is affection ,love and soulful trust. Fathers are always superheroes for their little girl.Because, a dad is the one who hold the little princess fingers and teach her how […]

Suresh Raina, Dwayne Bravo to perform Garba dance at Ravindra Jadeja’s Wedding!

Suresh Raina, Dwayne Bravo to perform Garba dance at Ravindra Jadeja’s Wedding! Indian cricket team all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, who is all set to marry Gujarat based mechanical engineer Rivaba Solanki on 17th April, 2016, will see team mates Suresh Raina and DJ Bravo performing Garba dance. Jadeja along with Raina […]

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Adoring Bridal Blouse Designs of 2016- A Glimpse…!

It’s almost an year.Another good trip around the sun quickly coming to an end.We are privileged to showcase our adorable Blouse designs of this year. Here we go,   Photography – Anand Anandan Photography Photography – Shutter Memories Photo credit – Ashwin th Clicker Photo credit – Akils Photography Photo credit – Harishankar […]

5 South Indian Wedding Moments That Doesn’t Miss the Photographer’s Lens

Marriage symbolises not just the sacred union of two individuals, but of the coming together of two families and extended families as well. Here are some memorable moment that only we can capture @ south Indian wedding. Pic Credit – Ashok Arsh Pic Credit – Mystic Studios The Hindu wedding […]

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