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Love without barriers: The Indian-Russian couple

Love without barriers: The Indian-Russian couple In a world where distances are shorter than ever, new technologies enable instant communication across the globe. People are exposed to different ways of thinking and love has, in many ways, become more internationalised than ever before. Cross-cultural relationships bring with them new experiences […]

From Paris with Love

From Paris with Love Everyone has heard about the fact that Paris is the City of love and Romance, and every couple wants to go at least once in a lifetime to visit the city. The Eiffel Tower is also a symbol of love and many women dream to have their engagement […]

Pretty as a Peacock: The glorious motif

Pretty as a Peacock: The glorious motif Peacock symbolizes and personifies grace and dignity, like that of royalty. Effortlessly beautiful and captivating in every move – the unfolding of the peacock’s tail feathers is as elegant as a ballet dancer, sensual and exotic, telling a story of romance, attraction and […]

An ode to ‘My Queen’

An ode to ‘My Queen’ Maa, Not just one day I’m proud of you.Ive been literally wondering, how does your brain function periodically perfect to get things done.Yes, even some successful mathematical transforms like ‘Laplace ‘ fail to derive an answer of your periodicity. You’ve been been an amazing soul […]

Spectacular flower walls to inspire your wedding décor

Spectacular flower walls to inspire your wedding décor! You can’t think about your wedding or reception décor without thinking about flowers. Flowers are a beautiful addition to any space, and with so many unique flower wedding décor ideas for your big day, there’s no reason to stick to the usual when thinking about […]

A Smile is The Prettiest Thing A Bride Can Wear

Smile, happy looks good on you! We are glad to present you the most gorgeous Bride’s smiles  in South Indian Wedding. Photo credit – Candid crush photography Photo – wfa Photo – The Cheesecake Project Photo – Harishankar Photography Photo – minchu studio Photo – Iswarya Photos Photo – Crackjack photography Photo – Giri Stills […]

Why Don’t You Go Eco Friendly with your Wedding Return Gifts

Why Don’t You Go Eco Friendly with your Wedding Return Gifts A Vinayagar idol, silver coins, Photo Frames, clothes, dry fruits, wholesale bags… If you thought I’m Writing about some random shopping trip, you’re mistaken.  We are shocked at the lack of novelty in ‘return-gift’ Ideas at Indian weddings today! Isn’t it time we spend some […]

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Virat Kohli’s special Item Dance Number in Rohit Sharma’s Wedding

Virat Kohli’s special item dance number in Rohit Sharma’s wedding Indian Cricket team’s Run Machine Virat Kohli is not only famous for his unmatched cricketing talents but for his dashing looks and talents off the field as well. Virat Kohli has been seen setting the dance-floor on fire many a […]

‘Dum”Dum”Dum’ – Real Wedding Story of Sriranjani & Sailesh

‘Dum”Dum”Dum’ – Real Wedding Story of Sriranjani & Sailesh From The Bride Our wedding was indeed the biggest dream come true for us but not to forget the prayers of our close knit friends which made our big day all angelic. U can call it Our PELLI or Our KALYANAM […]

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Adoring Bridal Blouse Designs of 2016- A Glimpse…!

It’s almost an year.Another good trip around the sun quickly coming to an end.We are privileged to showcase our adorable Blouse designs of this year. Here we go,   Photography – Anand Anandan Photography Photography – Shutter Memories Photo credit – Ashwin th Clicker Photo credit – Akils Photography Photo credit – Harishankar […]

5 South Indian Wedding Moments That Doesn’t Miss the Photographer’s Lens

Marriage symbolises not just the sacred union of two individuals, but of the coming together of two families and extended families as well. Here are some memorable moment that only we can capture @ south Indian wedding. Pic Credit – Ashok Arsh Pic Credit – Mystic Studios The Hindu wedding […]

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