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5 Pics which Prove Time and again that Actress Sneha is The South Indian Bridal Icon

When Actress Sneha attends a wedding , Facebook, Instagram feeds are absolute drool worthy- stuff what Bridal dream are made of !!   Please visit our website www.ezwed.in or Send your queries via mail to support@ezwed.in. Kindly share our blog  and feel free to leave a comment below.

Wishing You A Happy Women’s Day…!

Dear Women , You make the world a better and a happy place to live in . You’re ambitious, caring , selfless ,and most importantly, you’re everything a man can’t be .  Without you life won’t be operating in a perfect balance . You  have a major impact in all our […]

Sun’s Palette – Beautiful Brides in Reds, Oranges and Yellows

What’s brighter than the Sun? Well, nothing and just like the sun nothing deserves to shine brighter on your big day, other than you. The Sun’s Palette includes the most beautiful colors – reds, oranges and yellows. And nothing suits a bride better than these colors. They’ve been go-to colors […]

Choose the Pantone colour of the year Ultra Violet for your big day

The Ultra chic color that is going to rule the trending colors in 2018 is ULTRA VIOLET. It’s a pretty blue based purple shade. While blue had been in trend in 2017, we’re clearly moving forward. It’s been a while since they’ve announced this to be the color of the […]

An Eye on Footwear : Make a Red Carpet Zone

They say first impression is the best impression keeping in mind your first impression always starts from foot, grooming is generally from top to toe; For wedding we have a special occasion called mehendi night in which bride and the groom apply henna designs in their hands and feet to […]

Share a swing before you share your life…!

Swings – they’re not just for the playground. In fact, we’re seeing stylish swings popping up at more and more weddings these days. There’s something romantic about hopping on a swing with your fiancé, enjoying the breeze and a lovely moment together. “Oonjal” is a ritual in Tamil Brahmin weddings, […]

It’s all about the light : Fairy Light Photography

Twinkle twinkle little…oh wait, those are fairy lights! Light up any occasion whether it’s decorating your home or brightening a wedding venue with beautiful fairy lights and string lights. They are ethereal and give your picture a very pretty look. Light is the key to creating an amazing photograph. While natural […]

Nifty Nose pins for your Big Day

An age-old tradition and fashion statement, there’s nothing better than a nose piercing for a power packed traditional look.Some jewellery comes with a high dose of femininity; likewaist belts, anklets and more than anything, the nosepins. The look of any traditional South Indian bride remains incomplete without a nosepin. But many […]

Simple yet stunning checkered style blouses

We love motifs. Whether it is peacock, lotus or mango, traditional motifs representative of our Indian culture have been embroidered on to bridal blouses for a long time. Festive occasions, especially weddings, call for distinctively designed blouses for your silk sarees. If you find yourself getting bored of embellishing blouses […]

Enchanting Wedding Entrance Décor…!

If you’re a bride who’s looking for ways to decorate their wedding reception in style, having a wedding arch is the perfect way to amaze your wedding guests. Take your ceremony to new heights and frame the moment you become newlyweds with an entrance that reflects the mood of your special day. Modern couples have […]

All thanks to Padmaavat, there’s something trending! Check it out

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been giving us bridal goals time and again. The timeless jewelry is magnificent and in every bride’s dream. The intricate details of Deepika Padukone’s jewels in Padmavati have taken beauty to another level. With every new release come in newer styles that we women love and […]

Love is in the Air: A Dream Proposal

Akriti Sachdev is a well-known, in-demand bridal makeup artist in the Chennai circuit.The woman behind Mesmereyes Makeup, Akriti is a magician that waves her brush and casts her magic on brides and leaves the groom spell bound for sure. She transforms the brides into an elegant, glamorous and refined version […]

Images of many a little moment : Free couple shoot and more

You need an organized photographer/team to go through your packed schedule without missing a beat. You wish to feel comfortable with the guy with cameras hovering around you throughout the day. You pray to be surprised by the amazing moments you didn’t realize captured. With Apple Blossom’s Photography, celebrating their anniversary […]

Style game on point ft. Aarti Ravi

Kollywood is brimming with glamorous divas who are trendsetters in terms of both fashion and beauty. While they steal all the limelight with their eloquent appearances, the stylish wives of stars are no less stylish. Aarti, actor Jayam Ravi’s uber chic wife can beat the actresses in the style barometer. […]

Stunning outfit inspirations from Pranaah

We all know PoornimaIndrajith as a talented actress who starred predominantly in Malayalam movies. A television anchor, talk show host and dancer, Poornima is also the sister-in-law of Malayalam actor Prithviraj. Do you remember her role as Menaka in the popular Tamil soap opera Kolangal? Poornimais now a fashion designer […]

Get Along or Stand Alone – Bridesmaid

Hello beautiful bridesmaids, your year has  started with occasions lined up for  the upcoming months be ready to be a gorgeous bridesmaids around to seek attention which is the only intention ,here is a big talk about the two extreme looks of bridesmaid’s in the past which would always stay […]

Perfect engagement photos to break the big news on social media

Getting engaged means announcing the beginning of the next chapter of your life on Social Media. And mind you, it’s important that we do it right. Because it’s true that we’re excited to announce to the world about our forever! We take tons of pictures during the engagement, but there […]

Ravishing Ruffle lehangas for your Reception

2017 had been all about experimenting and 2018 continues to be the same. There came capes, shoulder designs and the latest trend that is ruffles. We’ve seen women slay ruffle sleeves for a while now and now it’s time you don this beautiful ruffle lehengas. We’ve been wearing saris for […]

Out of the box bride and groom chairs this wedding season!

Indian weddings are an ode to grandeur and we’re always happy with a fancy sofa to seat the couple on their big day. While every ceremony is speeding toward modernity and quirk, it can’t be denied that the seating for bride and groom needs to be given some thought! And […]

Jimikki Kammal : Bridal Jewelry Inspo

Enda pen jimikki kammal……yeah as the lyrics says jimikki kammal is always for beautiful women’s, the connectivity between jimikki and marriage is an unrevealed relationship. Rightfrom our ancestor’s days till now few things are always in trend one such thing is this beautiful jimikki which has got a song for […]

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Trendy and Eye-Catching Poojadai for South Indian Pretty Brides

Vaagai – Unique bridal floral makeover..!! To those brides who love the aroma of flowers.And to those who love Traditional jaadas..!! Here an awesome ideas and it’s implementations. We have Vaagai and their franchise who deliver ‘Poolajada’ and ‘Venis ‘ according to your requirements. Exploring trend is not a big […]

Please Do Know Things For Every Brides

PLEASE DO KNOW THINGS FOR EVERY BRIDES….!!! Well , Wedding planning would be cumbersome to tolerate.Days would be draggy, hours would be longer and so on. On the other side you would be on cloud nine expecting that ‘Once in a blue moon day’. But, drop down all your worries […]

Watch this Really Cool Tamil Brahm Bride’s Amazing Metal Music Performance For her Wedding

Here’s an KickAss way to rock your Wedding . Way to go Babe..!     Watch the Bride’s performance right here:   See More Images, Please visit our website www.ezwed.in to get Wedding Ideas or Send your queries via mail to support@ezwed.in. Kindly share our blog  and feel free to leave a […]

Rewind of the Fav Celebs Wedding on your Mind – Karthi & Ranjani

Kollywood topmost actor Karthi & Ranjani tied the knot amidst some beautiful and extravagant arrangements (also their loved ones! LOL!!) Checkout Photos & Wedding Highlights of Karthi & Ranjani Wedding. Wedding Muhurtham Highlights \ And also watch the Wedding Muhurtham Highlights here Wedding Reception Highlights View more Wedding Reception Photos Please visit […]

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5 Pics which Prove Time and again that Actress Sneha is The South Indian Bridal Icon

When Actress Sneha attends a wedding , Facebook, Instagram feeds are absolute drool worthy- stuff what Bridal dream are made of !!   Please visit our website www.ezwed.in or Send your queries via mail to support@ezwed.in. Kindly share our blog  and feel free to leave a comment below.

Pretty as a Peacock…!

Peacock symbolizes and personifies grace and dignity, like that of royalty. Effortlessly beautiful and captivating in every move – the unfolding of the peacock’s tail feathers is as elegant as a ballet dancer, sensual and exotic, telling a story of romance, attraction and allure. The peacock apart from being India’s […]

Adoring Bridal Blouse Designs of 2016- A Glimpse…!

It’s almost an year.Another good trip around the sun quickly coming to an end.We are privileged to showcase our adorable Blouse designs of this year. Here we go,   Photography – Anand Anandan Photography Photography – Shutter Memories Photo credit – Ashwin th Clicker Photo credit – Akils Photography Photo credit – Harishankar […]

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