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Earthy, Dramatic and Dreamy Wedding of Gowtham & Sarika

Hi everyone!! I’m Sarika…. GOWTHAM!! He is the person without whom i can’t imagine my life. I was so excited to get married to him. Gowtham & i had a traditional kongu wedding.Our wedding took place in Atlas Kalaiyarangam, Karur on 27th of August. As always my wedding shopping never ended till the last date.. I […]

Photographers Treasure – Most Favourite Wedding Clicks of 2016….!!!

When we query about photographers life..It’s buckets  of so much emotions and thoughts.Inquiring why so?! They come up with a considerate answer….Passion. Definitely, their passion and inquisitiveness for capturing images .Let’s say they pause our best moments and give us away so beautifully. Photographers do sneak through every dimension and […]

Adoring Bridal Blouse Designs of 2016- A Glimpse…!

It’s almost an year.Another good trip around the sun quickly coming to an end.We are privileged to showcase our adorable Blouse designs of this year. Here we go,   Photography – Anand Anandan Photography Photography – Shutter Memories Photo credit – Ashwin th Clicker Photo credit – Akils Photography Photo credit – Harishankar […]

Adoring Brides of Ezwed 2016- A Glimpse…!

It’s almost an year.Another good trip around the sun quickly coming to an end.We are privileged to showcase our adorable real brides who got hitched this year. Some of them who twinkled on their big day , capturing everyone’s heart with their charming smile.Here they are . We bless them whole […]

Chocolate Themed Wedding – For Chocoholics…!!!

Chocolate themed wedding – For chocoholics…!!! Aww… Yummy… Delicious… Mouth watering …Yes, yes, It’s chocolates!!! Brides, over to the moon hearing about chocos.If you go bananas for chocolates you’re spontaneously pinned as ‘Chocoholics’ .And you see the world filled with chocolates.Chocolates are definitely a good thing.And, most girls see chocolates […]

Mari Mari Marigold – Decor your Vehicles with Marigold

We are glad to present the cool suggestions on how elaborately you could incorporate marigold in your wedding décor with your Bicycles,Auto rickshaws to show elegant. Did you know the Portuguese introduced marigold in India? Quite a revelation eh! Take a fun tour of the marigold flower decoration on your vehicle […]

Here’s What Went Down at The Ezwed Bridal Prep Class in Chennai…!

Unless you have been lost in the Himalayas, you would know about Bridal Prep Class – our makeup class for Brides-to-be held in Mabyo Fashions,Chennai. We got the best team from Preethi professional makeup artistry to advice out brides: To edify a highly customized class covering basics of bridal makeup right from […]

Kala Chasma – Rock Your Wedding with Cool Sunglass Style

Every time, South  Indian Brides are rocking with their unique poses and they dominated  the complete frame. Here we present some of the gorgeous brides who rocked with their sunglass style and their styles are simply OSM. Get Inspired form these styles. Pic Credit – Jeevan Photography Pic Credit – Jeevan Photography Pic […]

Exclusive : Kerala Actress Sarayu Mohan’s Wedding Highlights

Exclusive : Kerala Actress Sarayu Mohan’s Mehendi Ceremony and Wedding Photos Malayalam actress Sarayu Mohan got married to assistant director Sanal in Thrissur on 12th November. For her wedding the actress wore a beautiful red and gold Kanjeevaram silk saree paired with matching elbow length sleeves blouse and traditional gold […]

Ezwed Pick – Personalised Choco Bar Wedding Invite

ChocolateBoy.in , The team came up with most attractive and innovative ideas in Creative Wedding Invite. They are Pioneer in making Chocolate Bar along with Personalised Wrappers and Boxes that have your own wedding details at reasonable price. You can reach them through Web: www.ChocolateBoy.in E-Store: http://Store.ChocolateBoy.in/ or Call: 9543-1111-95   Please visit […]

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A Vibrant,Colorful Celebrity Wedding – Get Inspired from Divyanka Tripathi’s Mehndi & Haldi Photographs

Celebrity Wedding – Get Inspired from Divyanka Tripathi’s Mehndi & Haldi Photographs The most cherished bahu of Indian TV, Divyanka Tripathi is good to go to tie hitch, all things considered, with performer Vivek Dahiya. After the ravishing pre-wedding shoot,The Wedding Story shared a few photos of Divyanka’s haldi and […]

Exclusive! Vasundhara Diamond Roof Family Wedding Reception

The Big Fat South Indian Wedding – Vasundhara Diamond Roof Family Wedding Vasundhara Diamond Jewellery Owner’s Son Ashish Kasaraneni wedding reception was performed in Vijaywada. Ashish kasaraneni was in Royal Prince look while bride was in beautiful blue Princess Anarkali  Bride’s Look Gorgeous. pic credit – Vasundhara Diamond Roof Please visit our website www.ezwed.in  to […]

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5 South Indian Wedding Moments That Doesn’t Miss the Photographer’s Lens

Marriage symbolises not just the sacred union of two individuals, but of the coming together of two families and extended families as well. Here are some memorable moment that only we can capture @ south Indian wedding. Pic Credit – Ashok Arsh Pic Credit – Mystic Studios The Hindu wedding […]

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