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A mix of style and tradition…!

Indian weddings have a ton of customs and rituals surrounding it, and some classic traditions have been passed from generation to generation. To capture the timelessness of a traditional wedding and make it modern enough, the one thing that’s important is your personal style. The fashion you choose, the way […]

Time Honoured Elegant Inspiration : Anupama Parameswaran

Looking presentable for occasions is far-reaching made this thought bonafide our beauteous “Anupama parameswaran”. Decking up not only crabs others attention it also makes you feel happy about your look. When the look is appreciated by everyone or by someone close to your heart then that makes your day delighted. […]

WOO HOO opens our mouth for the most alluring VIRAT and ANUSHKA

Marriages are made in heaven is a famous elderly mention but where love is actually made? The love between the most recognized couple…..started in the promise land. Love story of celebrities are always interesting, usually celebrities of same field fall in love and their fans would enjoy seeing them together […]

From Family,He became mine Forever – Engagement story of Gayathri and Dhileeban

We often see the climax of movies taking place at the Airport, but Gayathri and Dhileeban didn’t know then that their happily ever after had just begun at the Airport. They had known each other for almost a decade, he was her cousin. They met time and again during family […]

My love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending at never!

As with any journey, who you travel with is more important than your destination. Everyday that passes, you feel that you love them more. You feel thankful for the times you spend together. You know and feel that they are your perfect companion and friend and you’d choose them again…and […]

The Modern Mughals: Vamsi & Apoorva

We’ve always talked about the ‘click’ factor when it comes to love. The magic of instant connection isn’t just common to almost everyone, it’s entirely explicable. Here’s the wedding story of Vamsi and Apoorva: “Vamsi is a postgraduate from IISER, who loves teaching, and I am a doctor by profession. […]

Rhythm of Love : Engagement Story of Monisha & Aswath

Myself Monisha and My Mr. Perfect Aswath, though we both studied in the same school , little did we know about each other .. our stars brought us together when we joined SRM university, he in civil and myself Genetics.. we got introduced through one of our mutual friend Anchale ..things started […]

5 things that are on every bride’s mind while choosing her ‘muhurtam’ sari.

Every South India bride dreams about the perfect Muhurtham sari. Our parents and grandparents had it slightly easy, as the color, shop and pattern of their muhurtham saree was almost pre-decided. Now, with plethora of sari options available for us to choose from, numerous designs we could get inspired from, […]

Beautiful Bali – A pre wedding shoot…!

Be it weddings, honeymoons, or romantic getaways – Bali is the go-to destination for couples. From the villages and ancient temples scattered throughout the island to the emerald-green rice fields and thickly-forested mountains, and the exotic sounds of gamelan music to the intoxicating scent of spices and flowers, Bali will […]

8 Fights most of the Couples have during their Wedding Planning Process…!

Wedding is supposed to union of two souls. But unfortunately, there will be some inevitable disagreements, differences between you and you’re husband-to-be before the knot is tied. We have juz listed few fights that unavoidably happen during the wedding planning process!   1.Whom should we invite to our wedding?   […]

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Telugu Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Daughter Srija’s Wedding Gallery – Exclusive!

Checkout The Telugu Megastar Chiranjeevi Garu’s Daughter Srija’s Wedding Exclusive photos. Get inspired! Bride’s Pride A Cool Snap A Goggle Style A Selfie Time Allu Arjun Sweet Bro – RamCharan Teja Delightful Family   Please visit our website www.ezwed.in to get Wedding Ideas or Send your queries via mail to support@ezwed.in. Kindly […]

Best Wedding website in India for free

Best Wedding website in India for free The way Indian weddings have been conducted has remained the same for almost decades now, and along with Internet one of the biggest changes to come was the ability to invite guests to your wedding through online invitations. Building a website for your […]

Ezwed Pick – Personalised Choco Bar Wedding Invite

ChocolateBoy.in , The team came up with most attractive and innovative ideas in Creative Wedding Invite. They are Pioneer in making Chocolate Bar along with Personalised Wrappers and Boxes that have your own wedding details at reasonable price. You can reach them through Web: www.ChocolateBoy.in E-Store: http://Store.ChocolateBoy.in/ or Call: 9543-1111-95   Please visit […]

Be The Bride Of Your Dreams : Baahubali Themed Bridal Shoot

A Bride-To-Be came to us saying she wanted a makeover like Anushka from Baahubali 2. It’s not easy recreating such an iconic look because Anushka resembled a goddess draped in stunning weaves and decked in gorgeous ornaments. But what are we if we don’t bring a bride’s dream to fruition? So team Ezwed put […]

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Spectacular flower walls to inspire your wedding décor

Spectacular flower walls to inspire your wedding décor! You can’t think about your wedding or reception décor without thinking about flowers. Flowers are a beautiful addition to any space, and with so many unique flower wedding décor ideas for your big day, there’s no reason to stick to the usual when thinking about […]

Dreamy Erode Wedding With Stunning Outfits

Dreamy Erode Wedding With Stunning Bridal Outfits & Decor What’s the recipe for a perfect South Indian Big Fat Wedding? A stunning mandap decor , a vibrant Bridal Outfits  and photographs that capture all the madness. We loved The Bride Shruthi’s style – from her Bridal Lehenga on the Reception to the classy Kanchipuram Silk […]

Enchanted Fairy-Tale Wedding of Gomathi & Lakshminarayanan

Another Beautiful Wedding Story…!!! Here we present another cute wedding story with creative ideas and  a vibrant Bridal Outfits .We loved The Bride Gomathi’s style – from her Green Bridal Silk Saree on the Wedding which was purchased from Pothys Chennai to the classy Orange with pink Lehenga  for  the Reception. The entire Bridal Styling […]

Vibrant Tamil Wedding in Malaysia with *The Gorgeous Bride In Green*

Kumaran & I had a traditional hindu wedding which incorporated with Dharma Shakti vedanta gurukulam. We completed all the rituals and where we officially became a couple.The wedding ceremony was conducted by 4 Darma Shakti gurukulam. It was even more meaningful when each ritual been conducted we were told its […]

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