Enter the Wedding Venue like a Queen on a Palanquin!!

Enter the venue like a queen

Why should boys have all the fun, girls must have the most enthralling entry in the nuptials. They are not only angelic in every way but also considered as the lucky charm in sweet homes. A spectacular entry would definitely be worth for the princess.

And Palanquin entry is just the right way to do it. The doli (what palanquin is called in Hindi) is usually carried by brothers, uncles or people from maternal side of the bride. Ravishing brides are shouldered with so much love and tears to hand over their baby girl with lot of desperation & hopes to the groom.

During the wedding ceremony silent promises are made among families. Bride’s entry in the wedding venue must be a heart-stopping moment. The bride being carried on palanquins reflect the amount of love and bonding between the bride and her family. That’s not all, it also includes some stupendous music, a drama with plethora of characters and of course it’s a step towards bonding of two families for generations to come.   [pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]

   Playfully, we bear the bride along,

   She swings like a flower in the wind of our song;

   She ladles off like a bird on the foam of stream,

   She drifts like a smile from the lips of a dream;

   Groom, O Groom we sway and we sing,

   We carry the bride along like a pearl on a string.[/pullquote]

Warrior Princess…Let’sStrife….!!!  ezwed_blog_bridal_entry_08

Stay Swag…I’m Just Coming…!!!


The Golden Lassie in Goldish Doli…!!!


Which Costs more?! My smile or this Palanquin…!!!


Peek Out…Coz I’m just Overwhelmed…!!!


Papparazis…Hurry up…!! No next Chance…!!


Being Traditional…I’m just Blushing…!!!


When they joyfully bring the bride into the venue, with all the fanfare the bride blissfully enjoys the moment.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Happy Entry Brides!!!   [/pullquote]

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Picture source – Studio A,Ink Photography,Sumurtham Photography,Katha Photography



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