Exciting Work-out Ideas for Brides


Every bride wants to look wonderful on their wedding day, and that means being in shape, most fit version of themselves – ever! But for many of us, the thought of exercise is intimidating, boring, or just one more thing to fit into an already busy schedule. So what’s the key to getting in great shape without it being an unpleasant task? Select activities that are exciting and social.

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Dance Classes

Jazz, Salsa, Hip-hop are not only ways to get into shape but also ways to get close to your future life partner. Dancing builds strength by forcing the muscles to resist against a dancer’s own body weight and in conjunction with a balanced diet and other light exercise, you should start to see greater tone and definition in your muscles in just a few weeks. The best part is, when you are dancing for your favorite song, it doesn’t even feel like exercise!

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Every bride wants to look wonderful on their wedding day

There are lots of different places where you can enjoy dancing, for example, at dance schools, social venues, community halls and in your own home. Dancing has become such a popular way to be active and keep fit, that most fitness clubs now offer dance classes in their group exercise programs.

Team Sports

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Playing sports is fun, greater the funs when it’s played with people you are close with. When you engage in a sport, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn. Get a team together – it could even be your fiancé, bridesmaids and groomsmen – and join a local club; it could be cricket, Badminton, tennis, soccer, handball… even Basketball! Sports are a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have fun.


How long it must have been that you have touched your bike? Last would have been your high school. Now, is good a time as ever to take it for a spin! Cycling improves general muscle function gradually, with little risk of over exercise or strain. Regular cycling strengthens leg muscles and is great for the mobility of hip and knee joints. You will gradually begin to see an improvement in the muscle tone of your legs, thighs, rear end and hips.

You can form a small group, consisting of your close friends, ride together and then go out for a coffee?


Walking Cross Country and Trail

The human body is the ultimate exercise machine and walking is the easiest and safest way for most people to re-energize their bodies and burn away the harmful effects of calories and stress. Walking with your partner can turn a bout of exercise into an enjoyable moment- where you talk and think about anything BUT the wedding!

Walking for fun and fitness isn’t limited to strolling by yourself around local neighborhood streets. Getting out in the fresh air will not only clear your head, it will help replenish your energy and release tension – which is just what every bride needs!

Group training


If your bridesmaids or other friends are also looking to get into shape, you might want to look into booking a personal trainer for some small group sessions. A trainer will be able to tailor the exercise routine to your body type and help you reach your goals in time. If you let them know that you’re priority is to have fun while getting fit, they should be able to come up with some activities you’ll really enjoy. We’ve heard of brides whose trainers have created a series of challenges for them almost like an amazing race! So get on your exercise gear, get out the war paint, turn on the Rocky theme and go bust some guts – literally!

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