Father’s Love Towards Brides…!

Girls and fathers always share an unconditional love and support for each other.Opposite poles always attract each other.This kind of attraction is affection ,love and soulful trust.

Fathers are always superheroes for their little girl.Because, a dad is the one who hold the little princess fingers and teach her how to walk.

He spend sleepless nights to little girls sleeping nights.He sacrifices all his pleasures to see a smile on their daughter’s face.He is the one who test the sip of syrup before the girl child take it up.He safeguards his child in every possible way.


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A father is the one man in this entire universe who never hurt his girl.Things may go wrong but his love remains fresh for million decades.He never spit out his sorrows and soberness because he knows that a girl is more precious than everything.


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God took the majesty of the mountain, the warmth of a tree , ushers of a Bright sun, humbleness of the earth, quietness of a calm sea, aggressiveness of a tornado, love of love , happiness of the drizzle, breeziness of the spring ..God’s creativity got ended up and he named him as ‘Dad’.


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A dad is the one who protects us from all evil spirits, he behaves a s a dumbledore in potter ,as a Kristoff in Frozen etc.., He never command us , instead he lead his own path and inspired us to follow.

He has always got a special place in girl child’s heart.He be the bestest and cutest creation of God.Let us take a minute to hug him and share all his sorrows and pleasure wholeheartedly.

   With love – By love!

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