5 Things you should do Before Your Sister’s Wedding

When you bid adieu to your sister on her big day, the siblings are the ones who miss her the most. Even though they won’t admit it, they are the ones who will miss you the most. All the love, all the fights, all the name-calling will be missed. That’s the things about siblings, they’re always around when you need them the most, even though most of us have a love-hate relationship, after weddings it’s mostly just love.

And here are a few things you MUST DO before your sister gets married!

  1. Go for a super fun ‘siblings’ trip!

You could always pull-in your fun cousins too! There’s nothing like a few days of rest in between all the wedding planning. It will definitely get into one of the most cherished trip list.


  1. Throw a bridal shower.

Or at least be an active part of it. Nobody knows the brides’ schedule better than her siblings. So, get into planning mode with her BFF and throw her a memorable bridal shower.


  1. Bring in a family surprise.

You’re the one with all the connections. Make a surprise video or have a family flash mob, the ideas and endless and you can be sure that almost all brides love their share of surprises.


  1. Help her take the best decisions.

Does the saree look nice? Do these bangles match my lehenga? Should I buy this earring? They’re all important decisions and you need to be her best shopping partner, giving her the true fashion advice.


  1. Reminiscence night!

There has to be one night at home where you order-in or make her favorite food, open all the old photo albums, think of the most amazing memories you made and get all nostalgic. This one simple night just with the family is much needed and most cherished.

And you’re her better-half before the wedding. So, it becomes your duty to make the days before her big day memorable.


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