From That One Missed Call – A Cute Wedding Story of Priya & Vivek

A Cute Wedding Story of Priya & Vivek

It was our dream day like every other couples special day in their life.

But in our case it was not a dream day just for us alone but also for our FRIENDS and family.


Our Wedding event started with an engagement Ceremony,The Saree was purchased from prakash Silks,Kanchipuram and Wedding Sarees (9 yards & Oonjal) was purchased from Nalli Silks.The jewelry played a major role in our Wedding.The Gold Jewels were purchased from Prince Jewellery and some jewel sets hired from Sri Swarna Prabhu Jewellers,Mylapore.


My outfit(Lehenga) for Reception was personally designed by Diva,Anna Nagar , who loves to experiment new things ,she used this Desi Diva well. To the extra smile and touchups they were stood by Venkatesh Makeup Artist & Beautiful Mehendi designed by Nirmala Mehendi Artist.

And the person’s behind the lens were Eden Studios team.They made the memories look fresh and Evergreen. Everytime with flowers of love sprinkle everywhere.

We had a surprise flashmob on our day By CakeMachi.


It’s really a funny fairy tale how we spoke, met, fell in love and married.

Vivek and I met (as I mentioned it was a prank missed call which our mutual friend played between us) in 2007. So that single missed call became texting, chatting, long night talks, outing & dating.

Even today we strongly feel, we are great friends more than a couple.

These 9 years in our lives is the best anybody can get, and I am sure it’s just going to be bigger every day going forward.

After all now it feels really weird for my husband to introduce me as his wife to his friends,

I (Priya) am an architect and he a software engineer, we run a start-up called CAKE MACHI , where we go around the city surprising people on all their special occasions…..

On the day of our reception we had so many exciting things on store, it started with a video that he had done for me “a video wish from our friends and relatives in abroad”.

And then came the climax, both of us were lost in so much of emotions when we were surprised by our team CAKE MACHI with a flashmob and followed by an in house (Cake machi) 3 tier wedding cake

The next day was the Big Day – it was a traditional wedding, we had many things lined up which amazed my family. My whole family were matched up in a Grey wedding shirt and his friends in a Light Green wedding outfit.

Thanks to all our friends support, families love and the almighty support it was a roller coaster wedding with so many emotions. Our 9 years relationship was a friend driven one, in which we made a bigger family in the name of FRIENDS, they flew down from literarily all parts (Dubai, Mumbai,USA) for our wedding


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