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South Indian brides are just awesome in many ways – be it their elegance, beauty their politeness, gracefulness & aptitude for witty remarks. It has almost become a custom for all brides to force a smile on their face throughout the wedding, till the photographer starts packing his bag and make mundane & cliched comments. Imagine, how it would be like if brides say out loud what they really mean. Check out an honest comment of every single bride-ever

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What they say: “Thank you for being a part of our special day, Uncle

What it really means : Who are you?


What they say: How many more poses do you want, Photographer?

What it really means: If you need the rest of the payment, the photos better be good.


What they say: “OMG! Awesome wedding gift.

What it really means: Mokka gift ku ivalo buildup ah?

What they say: Yes Aunty, you look beautiful in this red sari.

What it really means: Well,Unakku edhuku ivlo over scene?


What they say: That enough…I am done. I cannot eat more!

What it really means: I am not running anywhere, will come for the next serving


What they say:“Hi Geetha, looking dazzling…designer saree ah?

What it really means: Yenna, Pondi bazar la vaanginadha?


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