How To Choose The Right Ear Ring for your face type


How To Choose The Right Earring for your face type

Whether you have a round face or a diamond shaped face or a square face, you need to put your best face forward during a wedding. And we say that not just for make-up… Here we give you few tips & tricks to select earrings to match your face type.

Long face:

Go for: Medium size or large earrings will give an impression that you have a wider face. So go for them. Also, for day time events & mehandi choose chand balis & jhumki’s



Avoid: Long dangling earrings, thin hoops as they will emphasize the length of your face

Diamond shaped face:

Go for: Long earrings with round ends, this will add softens & length to your face.


Avoid: Long angular earrings.

Square shaped face:

Go for: Long earrings with rounded bottoms, this will add soften up your jaw-line & Cheek bones. Best choice is to opt for a pair of dangling earrings.

Avoid: Large, square or round earrings.

Heart shaped face:

Go for: Triangular earrings work really well. Earrings with curvy ends will add balance your face and bring attention to your eyes, cheekbone & eyeline. Teardrop & big Chandelier earrings will look amazing on you


Avoid: Large, round button & inverted triangular earrings. As this will bring unwanted attention to the width of your forehead.

Round shaped face:

Go for: Elongated, narrow, oval earrings, Dangling earrings with gemstones, pearls

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Avoid: Round earrings, wide hoops, short dangling earrings

Oval shaped face:

Ladies with oval shaped face can simply rejoice. You look stunning in almost every style/shape of earrings. Oval shaped dangling earrings & teardrops would look amazing.


So brides remember, jewelry is there to enhance your natural beauty. Hence choose it wisely.

Happy jewelry brides!!!  

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