How to choose your wedding cake?


Finding it difficult to select your wedding cake? Fret not; we’ve got you covered with this article. Take the following into account while making your decision.

Choose a style


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Think about the cake only after the dress selection and venue decoration in dealt with. These form the fundamentals for the composition and design of the cake. Select the cake that is in sync with the venue decor, dress or any other arrangements of your wedding.


Size matters


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Usually, three tiers will serve 60 to 80 guests; you’ll most probably need more than four layers for 150 guests or more. If you have booking a large hall with high ceilings, then think about increasing the cake’s size with additional columns between the tiers.



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Generally, wedding cake is priced by the weight – the cost varies, but generally ranges from Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 2000/- per Kg. The more complicated the cake the higher the price tag. Price also varies depending on the icing. And, if you want custom shapes, vivacious colors, or handmade, you’ll have to shell out some more money from your pockets.



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We concentrate on the details and designs of wedding cakes (intricate patterns and a seemingly infinite number of colors to choose from), But most forget that no matter how good-looking a wedding cake may be, what matters most is how it tastes. Go for flavors already tasted by you. Refrain from trying new flavors for the wedding day.

 Some Ways to save


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Buying a small cake would save money but only serve a few guests. Handmade and complicated designed cakes can be avoided. Garnishing with fruits and flowers which are seasonal will reduce cost. Stay away from exotic flowers. If you are expecting more guests, but are particular on cakes design, go for smaller servings.



Cake delivery is not as simple as it sounds. Large cakes or cakes with intricate designs may not necessarily be delivered in ultimate form. Kindly arrange some space for assembly, at the venue. Refrigeration arrangement may be considered.



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Remember, the cake should not be a side show, but an key element in the wedding


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