How to Get Rid of dark Spots before your big day


Every bride would have dealt with dark spots at some point, regardless of your skin complexion (fair, medium, or olive). Your skin automatically produces more pigment in reaction to injury, like from a simple thing as a pimple you picked . Fret not, there is simple treatment to get rid of it. Continue reading to discover how you can fight those pesky spots.

Apply Sunscreen

Your skin cells produce more pigment when the sun’s rays hit your skin, and it’s the accumulation of that pigment that creates dark spots. Regardless of your skins complexion (fair or dark); a little sunscreen can act as a good remedy


Check If you’re the Cause of the Spots

The answer is yes, if you pick your pimples and then see a spot at the very same place after a few. Kindly stop picking your pimples and go for anti spot creams instead.


Figure out if it’s because you’re Genome

The answer is yes if it’s not acne. Don’t worry it can be treated with lotion or serum. But consult a dermatologist before going ahead with any treatment for genetic problem.


Understand that There’s a different treatment for Large Dark Patches

To take care of large dark patches, you need to make some lifestyle changes like wearing a hat while going outside and applying sunscreen and if that doesn’t solve the problem consult a doctor about changing your birth control, it can do the trick.




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