Importance of TILAK(KUMKUM) in South Indian wedding


Importance of TILAK(KUMKUM) in South Indian wedding…!!!!

Its often considered as one of the auspicious act according to Hinduism.Here are some “women should know facts”. What is the big reason behind this holy act?


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On the forehead,below the two eyebrows,is a spot that is considered as the major nerve part in the human body since ancient times.Because the master gland”PITUITARY GLAND”(AGNA CHAKRA) is located there.The tilak or “pottu” is believed to prevent the loss of energy,the red kumkum between the eyebrows is said to retain energy in the human body and control the various levels of concentration.Similarly,the “pottu” apply pressure on the third eye area which facilitates the blood supply to the face muscles.


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Applying the tilak(sandal paste) will nullify the heating effect when you concentrate and meditate at the “BRUMADHYA”.Tilak indicates the point at which thespiritual eye opens.Lord Shiva has a third eye at the brumadhya,when he opens the third eye three worlds are destroyed.


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It is one among the various beauty items we prefer first:
“Pottu” has got different names as Tilak,tikka,kumkum,Sindhoor,teep respective to their states.Pottu is known for its colour and its dimension.Our ancestors apply it with a fine sticky liquid at the back of it on the forehead.North Indians use this word “Chola singhar” to describe the 16 items they use for the bride during weddings.Some of those 16 items are Anklets,Flowers,Mehendi,Earrings,Bangles,Kajal,Nethichutti,Metti etc.,


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Tilak for men too:

North Indian women generally use red colour TILAKS.Not only women,even men occasionally keep Tilak as a sign of success.In most of the occasions men used to apply Tilak.
There are various methods of applying Tilak.Saivas apply three horizontal lines with sacred ashes.The vaishnavas apply three vertical lines (TRIPUNDRA) on the forehead.Only the way they apply changes yet the significance remains the same.


Tips for applying TILAK…!!
#1) Those who have a big forehead and wide eyes they can opt for a round shaped-medium sized Pottu.

#2) Those who have a lengthy face (diamond facecut,triangular facecut)it is recommended not to prefer vertical stickers ,use round shaped stickers.

#3) Those who have oval facecut,lengthy stickers will enhance your beauty.

So, what are you waiting for..??!! Happy shopping!!


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