Kanchipuram Silk Saree – A must at a South Indian Wedding

Kanchipuram Sari- A must at a South Indian wedding

South Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride wearing a Kanchipuram silk. Borders of Temple, checks, stripes & floral designs are the attractive things in traditional Kanchipuram sarees. Here are a few latest Kanchipuram saree design that will make you to buy one for your wedding!

 ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_1 ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_2 ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_3 ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_4 ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_5 ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_6 ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_7ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_9ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_10ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_11ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_13ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_14ezwed_kanchipuram_saree_15

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Image source : Pothys


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