AirBrush Makeup – Latest Bridal Makeup Trend

AirBrush Makeup – Latest Bridal Makeup Trend

A wedding day is the best day in a girl’s life and who doesn’t want to look their best on that day ?An important factor that can make you shine on your Big day is the perfect Bridal make up. An under done make up can leads you look dull , while a overdone can totally spoil your look. So more than anything else, it is very important to take care of your Bridal make up.Lets look into the Airbrush makeup.


The Airbrush which is the best of all the make up comes at around 10k to 15K. Sari drape and hair styling are also generally added in this package.Airbrush make up is becoming very popular these days as they make your look the best in wedding photographs.
Also this make up is mostly used by the celebrities. As we personally have a huge experience with the Airbrush make up, I would guide one to go with it.It is expensive than other makeup, but definitely worth spending & believe,”No regrets”.Here are some tips to help get that glowing bridal look.

1.Avoid using Makeup products that contain SPF
Products that includes SPF can photograph weird because of the zinc oxide found in many moisturizers & foundations. It reacts that paled out face look that shows up in photographs, but not in person. So your best bet is to through away the products with SPF on your wedding day.


2. Go light on the shimmer…!
The highlight on cheekbones or brow bones is flattering, but Over do shimmer doesn’t photograph well. Shimmer has light reflecting particles that the camera choose as white streaks or shine. Try doing a full run-through of your Bridal Airbrush makeup before the wedding & take pictures. If you view shiny or white streaks where you’ve used a shimmer product, you know where to tone down.

3. Wax three days before the Big Day
The Redness can be tough to cover, and some people stay slightly swollen for 2 days post-wax.

4. Skip lip gloss if you’re wearing a veil that comes down on your face (for Christian brides)
It’s a magnet for the fabric & will make the veil stick to your lips the second you put it on. The gloss & any lipstick you’re wearing will transfer to the veil, making for a messy situation.

5. Don’t stray too far from your routine look
There are minimalist makeup girls,who request a red lip vintage look for their trials & also brides who normally wore a lot of eyeliner ask for a natural & casual look, but they usually don’t feel right when it’s done. Don’t experiment with strange stuff just before your wedding!


6. Bring oil blotting sheets with you
This is a must have in the bridal touchup kits. It’s a long day and most people get a little shine, but these papers keep it at bay. Its preferred much powder because powder tends to cake up after multiple applications.

7. Use a foundation & eye primer
The number one question brides will ask is “Will my makeup stay on all day?” With Super primers, it will! So ask your stylist for the best primer to keep you dolled up for your Wedding day.

8. Use waterproof mascara
Brides have a million & one details to worry about, so this can get overlooked. It’s a Big & Big day, and if you get emotional, you need to make sure your mascara doesn’t show it.Make sure you have these water proof mascaras on your gorgeous eyes.


9. Fix your foundation with loose powder
Not only does the powder give the foundation a soft finish, but it takes shine out of the skin. Cameras shoots shine, but beginning with powder & touching up with oil blotting sheet will keep you shine-free.

10.To make your lipstick last all day.
Initially apply a lip primer to give your lips an even surface & rid of any flaky bits. Apply foundation to the lips & let it dry – this gives a superb base. Then draw(line) your lips with your lip pencil (which must be the same shade as your lipstick). Then fill in all your lips with the same pencil. Finally on top of the layer apply your lipstick. Blot with a tissue paper & re-apply your lipstick & repeat the same twice. Now your lipstick should stay on all day. If it does start to wear off you will need the lip pencil underneath so your lips won’t look patchy.



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