Latest trend in wedding – Webcasting


While marriages are made in heaven, young couples today are looking at technology for clues that can spruce up their wedding day.

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With over 5 million Indians working overseas, they find it extremely difficult to attend all their friends or relatives wedding. Now, with the advent of technology, they need not worry about missing their friend’s or relative’s wedding back home while facthey are in a distant far away. So how do you do it?

Webcasting your marriage is one such thing

You may be in LA or Dubai but can watch your friends or relatives wedding in Chennai. Yes, you do miss a bit of the chitchat, the food and most of all the fun; but at least you can view his wedding, that too Live. Senior people can sit in their hall with the flowers in hand and wait for the knot tying ceremony to shower their blessings.

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Mr. Deepak, BDM of a firm which offers webcasting services in their wedding planning package (which has organized 20+ wedding webcasts in the last six months) says that “the demand of this service is increasing day by day. All the Couples planning their weddings through us have availed this service. We create a free wedding website specifically for the couple, and facilitate Live streaming of their marriage on this page. All the couples have to do is send invitations with the link of this website all the guests can tune in to the website to view the proceedings live or later in the recorded format as easy as viewing a video on YouTube.”

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There is a lag of 30 seconds to a maximum of five minutes in the streaming of video, depending on the place of the wedding and the internet speed. Couples can also webcast their video on their google+ or face page.

One thing you need to ensure is the Quality of video being streamed

One thing you need to ensure is the Quality of video being streamed: It should not take ages for the video to buffer, and most importantly, the resolution of the video should be of the good quality. Going for HD will cost you a little more.

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