Lessons from my 2-States wedding

A wedding is a wonderful occasion when two families get together and establish a bond that is forever. To all those who have their own 2-States weddings coming up, I share with you my little piece of wisdom through experience And to all others as well, I am sure this would be of good use to you.
The LocationGone are the days when the wedding is only at the girl’s place or the guy’s. We now have to make a calculated decision based on several factors including the travelling capability of the most important elderly must-haves in each family, expected no. of guests on either side who would be amenable to take a few days’ leave from their busy schedules , accessibility of each side’s base location and a host of other factors that may require both sets of parents to bring out the Operations Manager in them.ezwed_wedding_image01
The Rituals Most weddings are now a hotch-potch of traditions and rituals from both sides. So sit together and decide a minute-by-minute plan of the wedding sequence. Also, decide the who, the what and the how- along with the when.ezwed_wedding_image08It could look something like this :

Start timeEnd timeRitualWhoWhat do we need
5 30 am6 amOonjal2 aunts from his side, 2 aunts from her side , both mothers, and of course, the bride and the groomA swing, silver plate with rice balls (cooked rice!!) , 6 garlands, 2 uncles on each side to lift the bride & the groom respectively


This ain’t funny folks- I know of a wedding where a small silver item was needed for a ritual and no one had any clue where it was, despite using it an hour back. The wedding moved on to another ritual from the groom’s side until the item was thankfully recovered and the rest of the proceedings continued.


And it helps to at least provide a schedule + explanation of rituals to all guests so they are well-prepared on when to come and what to expect. Else they would all be wondering where the bride and groom are, when they have gone to the groom’s house for the Grihapravesham.

Rituals are fun and deep at the same time – make sure you manage them well for the best experience.

The clothes &jewellery

This needs endless planning and discussion in alignment with number of rituals, number of functions (receptions in 2 different places is very likely), traditional costumes, color coordination with each other and with the wedding theme.


[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Once you note down all the rituals and functions and corresponding attire required, you can set out to plan a combination of clothes that will give you a wonderful expression of your shopping creativity.[/pullquote]

Colours- try and spread out your color palette for extra fun. Ravishing Red for the main wedding ceremony, peacock blue for the Mehandi, stunning gold for the reception; how exciting it is to have a beautiful range of colors splashed in your wardrobe.Add to those glittering bangles and other accessories for each dress and you have a happiness haven right there with you!

Type- The dress you wear must be closely linked to your personality and taste, or else it will send a sign of something missing. Do not be shy to accommodate traditional wear wherever appropriate. The lovely Nath that you wear on your nose may be the most striking thing in all your wedding pictures, adding to the distinctive aesthetic charm of a bride.

Timing- Some clothes may require alteration, additional stitching and adjustments so it is best to ensure purchases happen at least 4 months in advance. You may check the fitting once or twice in between before the wedding to ensure that those chocolate cupcakes you have been gorging to reduce your wedding panic have not impacted you 😉


Oh, and have an open conversation explaining the clothes to be work to the other side to avoid hilarious misinterpretations. Have you heard of the groom who, till the last minute, thought ‘veshti’ was what he wore as a shirt when in reality that referred to a type of ‘Lungi’ worn like a skirt at the bottom? And as for the clothing for the top- as he discovered on the day before the wedding- he was not supposed to wear anything 😛

(To be continued)

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