Make a Grandieur Mehendi day…!!!!!

Make a Grandieur Mehendi day…!!!!!

   Have you ever wondered why Mehendi is best appreciated nowadays.Did you guys think of it..!! If no, just scroll down and get know know more about day to day happenings and it’s reasons behind it.



   Wedding is all about rituals . You would’ve totally exhausted before the day of wedding. Will it be nice to get stressed on your big Zillion day..!! It won’t sound great probably.

     So,our ancestor with great motive decided to apply mehndi ( Henna ) on the bride’s hands.


     They call the day “Mehendi day ” along with Sangeeth and other celebs.

   But this “Mehndi day ” is the closest to every bride. This day will be celebrated by the bride’s family. They call their friends and grooms family also welcomed if possible.


Applying Henna, makes the body cool and it gives you relaxation despite of your hectic schedule.Henna is traditionally been considered as a useful herb to knock out stress . A trained Mehndi professional will be called and asked to put it on.They will have some play regarding Mehendi.


The professional will silently draw grooms name everywhere.The brides has to find it out.This develops bonding. The most important factor of Mehendi is it should be darken bcoz the more dark the Mehndi comes the more love the couple have.So, bride ensure ways to make it darker and sprinkle olive oil, Lemon etc which actually helps to improve your blood flow.

This is the reason behind Mehndi day.



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