That day when you’re badly exhausted, growling and wanted to get rid of all evil things happening.What you’ll do ?! Obviously, we run to come back home as soon as possible.The reason is not the home which makes you feel better.Your Mom’s pretty smile with so much of love .And a supper with super taste and undepictable loveee…:): She’ll patch you up.Make you come out of that strenuous activity. You’ll be wondering how does she find everything right.She has got some magicality. But unwrap it.She is the one looked after us every moment.She could identify it,without any signboards.What is she called “MOMMIEEE”.


Though, father is the superhero to all girls.But, we never hate our Creator.We believe in her,in all deeds.At a tender age,she sacrifices her life and devote her entire life time to us.Sometimes,We humiliate her,tease her , yell .She will never get disheartened.She makes sure that her girl child is always safe.

Whatever might be the problems,we first open up to our mom.She has the capability to come up with solutions.She is a superwoman to us.She protects us, guides us.She is a mentor.


If there is one Apple and we ask that one Apple , she genously says “I don’t like Apple “.We people are extremely blessed to have a soul like this.She is a multitasking woman, at 8 she will be in home then at 9, she will be in the workplace.Her routine goes on sacrificing only for us.

On this special day, let’s take a moment to wish her.It means a lot to her.”Happy mothers day” .With lots of love- your girl child.!

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