#TheMoment : Oonjal – The Prettiest Bridal Swings

South Indian weddings are constantly exceptional for the one of a kind customs that are performed. Particularly Tam-Brahm weddings are frequently energising with fascinating ceremonies. One fascinating customs amongst them is the Oonjal.  Oonjal happens instantly after the Kasi Yatra and Exchange of Garlands. Oonjal is a swing that is generally delightfully brightened for the Bride and the Bridegroom to be situated and after that the swing is tenderly shaken back and forth.

The wedded ladies from the two families sing melodies and favor the couple. The climate turns joyful with the psalms of lali lali tunes. At that point the senior ladies of the family spread the couple’s feet with a blend of milk and sandalwood glue. As an indication of cheer, the couple are sustained with sweetened milk and bananas. At that point yellow and red hued rice balls are tossed on the couple from the four distinct headings. The lucky man then takes the lady of the hour for Kanya Dhaanam. This brilliant custom gives delight as well as awesome wedding recollections to think back…


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