Cutie Pie Bride-To-Be’s Promises to the future husband..!!


Promises to the future husband..!!

Does this topic sounds Ewwww…!! Ohh…Pause your thoughts..!! Here are the solemn promises you wanna make to your future husband’s.

You would’ve sacrificed many things for your life.Why dont you girls(not all ) sacrifice anger.I know there will be a reason behind your frustration .Yet anger ruins your life.Be compassionate ladies.


 The following things you should promise before you hold another hands.

#1 I swear that I’ll stay loyal to you in the upcoming years

#2) I’ll promise you to ping you whenever I’m blue

#3) I’ll promise to keep my mouth closed if the topic gets fired up.

#4) Never ask you to change yourself for the sake of me.(This promise is only applicable for good deeds).

#5) I’ll promise not to dispirit you whenever you’re doomed.

#6) Never let you to bargain my love.Coz, you deserve my love always.

#7) I promise not to use single word replies whenever I’m low.


#8) I’ll try not to blame your entire family if things go wrong.

#9) Il try not to get angry when you forget to dial me

#10) Il stand by you to pursue your passion and dreams.

#11) I will not expect you to make all the efforts.Bcoz,I know marriage is not a one way street.

#12) I’ll never allow others to influence our relationship.

#13) Il remember to share all my strengths an weaknesses daily.

#14)Il ensure ways to wake you whenever time is running out

Yes..!! These are the promises you should make.


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