Rain On your Wedding Day is Lucky

Only you can let incessant rain ruin your big day!!

This is an accidental article that has to be posted. Who doesn’t love rain?! Yes! You’re a pluviophile , but if it rains on your big day you hate it entirely. You get pissed off and make others the same way.

If it rains on your wedding, you’re really lucky. It signifies that Mother Nature showers her blessing. It appears like it will be the last tears that you drop. Raining is a good phenomenon.


But those of us who are married know that one is a bunk. The fact of the matter is that you can do as much as possible weddings planning, but when it drizzles, you must spontaneously have a plan B. Yes, we understand it is a herculean task. Don’t worry its not your fault if it rains on your big day.


We strongly believe that brides and grooms attitude determine the mood of the wedding on the rainy day. Despite of many adversities, the key to fun is in your hands.

Srividhya and Raghuram’s wedding was a great example of how patient the couple’s should be. If the couple’s wear a smile on their face on stage, it simultaneously reflects on every single person gathered over there. “I grumbled and groaned when Mr. Ramanan (popularly known as the rain man) predicted that rainfall is expected in the next few days. But to our surprise, it not only rained bit we had a storm (mini-storm). Trust me the winds devastated all the plans. Plan A was the beach and plan B was the lawn. No other go I have to implement my Plan C (inside entirely) it went soo good.” Says the Bride-Srividhya.


We always tell brides that when you choose a venue and want to have elements of your wedding outside make sure you see and love your backup space just in case .If you’re planning on taking pics outside, we would figure out where to take pics if it rains. We might also inquire with the venue to make sure if there is enough space for us to do normal portraits indoors.

If you’re a brave bride and are willing to venture out, bustle your dress or grab a bridesmaid or wedding attendant to help you venture out in the light rain with your husband to be. One advantage of rain is that lighting can be very pretty for photos.

Be prepared though, have a few umbrellas as backup. Stop worrying, don’t freak out on seeing drops of water falling from the sky. You are not magicians, having a wand to do all magical stuffs within minutes. Just relax and make slight changes in your D-day plan.


Have some shoes you don’t mind getting wet, rubber rain boots can be very cool looking. Keep in mind that you may want to touchup after being outside in a rain, so leave yourself a time. If your hair frizzes easily, you may want to consider switching your long looks for a beautiful no touchup (naturalistic) look.

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