Awww!!! Reception Entry Ideas For The Couple Who Likes It Grand


The couple’s entry into the wedding  venue is becoming bigger & better and a lot more funnn! Remember we told you about all the amazing new ideas brides and grooms made their presence felt at the wedding? Well, now it’s time to give an impression as you give your first appearance as husband & wife at the reception!Check out these brand new wedding couple entry ideas!!!

1. Sparklers!!! All the way!

Sparklers are totally new & happening on the wedding scene and you’ve got to make full use of these! Line up the entry with sparklers on either side & walk down to the cheer of all your family and friends. Or you could even have your friends hold these up and form a glitter cave for the two of you to walk through.

Couple entry ideas


Couple entry ideas


2. Band baaja couple

How cute do these two look as they enter their reception venue accompanied by dholwallahs and bhangradancers! Make some noise and thrust some moves as you make an entry to remember. Trust us, this is sure to catch everyone’s attention!

Couple entry ideas


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3. A dance sequence anyone?

Think about it … the music starts playing and the door opens as your cousins burst in dancing to the track. This is followed by other family members and friends and then you two come in on your own special song. A totally cool entry idea that you’ve got to watch!


4. Bollywood ishtyle!

Well, the picture says it all! An auto rickshaw decked in genda phool and Bollywood posters. A badass bride with a gun and her man driving her into the venue. Now this is something we didn’t think we’ll ever get to see! And have to say, whatta couple! We are loving every bit of this entry!


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