Simple ways to prep your skin before Bridal Make-up

Simple ways to prep your skin before Bridal Make-up

Kindly follow these steps to know how to prep & prime your skin so that your make-up lasts longer.

Step1: Cleanse your face with just a simple water spray


Step2: Toning



Step3: Kindly understand that nowadays we have a lot of open pores in our skin. And the best way to cover the pores is by using a pore minimizing serum.


Step4: After using a pore minimizing serum, the fourth step involves using a primer. It is very important to use a primer so that your make-up lasts longer


Step:5 Use a Moisturizer. People who have oily skin can skip this step.


Step6: Prime your eye lids. Eyes have a little more sensitive area and hence use a very sensitive primer.


Step:7 After a entire night of party we always have puffy eyes. And to reduce the same we could use a fast response eye cream. Gently use it right under the eye and gently massage it.


Step:8 The last step involves using a lip moisturizer


Finally your skin is all set to start with the Bridal Make-up

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